A dream, an idea, a project, the Mauresque!

 In its new chic and elegant adornment, Mauresque bears the imprint of the friendship of its new owners. For more than 30 years, Abdou, Brahim and Khalid have travelled their dream destinations, maintaining a flawless friendship, dreaming of their life project, their restaurant. It would take place in their heart city, Agadir, and would benefit from their respective expertise and masteries. From the world of night and the gastronomy for Brahim, tourism and its requirements for Khalid and the design and refinement for Abdou who will also deploy his taste and knowledge of the refined kitchens of the world. fin(finesse)  gourmet, Abdou will make the guests of Mauresque live a unique culinary experience. 

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~ The world of chic and gastronomy ~

Le Mauresque opens it’s doors and offers to Agadir city an establishment multi universe inescapable, for the lovers of chic and glamour places.

Gastronomy and elegance mingle in a setting where the sumptuous decorations imagined by Abdou Kholfi will not fail to make you travel in turn in the good times of India and Iran and the decorations of colonial times testifying to a Western style of life imbued with local traditions, creating what is now called the ethnic style, a decoration conducive to escape.

Le patio

The Patio

The Patio and its galleries

A confluence space that looks like Riad de Pacha where the high ceilings and the finesse of detail hold your eye after admiring the fascinating and soothing varieties of green plants. Ideal for your meals with friends or family that extend in the conviviality and the pleasure of tasting hearty and refined dishes, specially created to delight your palate. Along with the patio, the gallery houses four alcoves that will welcome the most discreet of you or just those who look for more privacy.

The motto, comfort and glamor.

Accroches :

  • Quatre alcôves pour plus de discrétion.
  • Patio d’inspiration Riad de Pacha.
  • Four alcoves for more discretion.
  • Riad de Pacha inspired patio.
Le lounge

The lounge

The lounge, total chic & charm.

Your before, after and evenings will take another dimension with LE MAURESQUE Lounge. A decoration entirely imagined by Abdou Kholfi who expressed all his skills and projected his vision of a Lounge. Backed by a long tapered bar, decorated with light and materials with unexpected color combinations, you will enjoy a selection of signature tapas to the sound of the bartender’s shaker that will concoct cocktails and preparations with the flavors of your best travel memories.

Le salon

The Salon

The Salon by the Mauresque

A universe where elegance, refinement and comfort are the watchwords. The Salon invites you to another way to take part in the experience of Mauresque. Ideal for your official lunches or dinners, for your most important occasions or simply an outing to the taste of luxury.


The rhythms of Mauresque

Because the sound atmosphere participates to burn in your memory the best moments of your life, the sound imprint of Mauresque intends to offer you an unforgettable experience. A selection of music carefully chosen will accompany your stopover in the ESTABLISHMENT . A perfect sound, a harmonious and subtle diffusion, and rhythms that evolve over the hours to reach their climax around midnight. Because at Mauresque, we invite you to extend your evening in music under the mix of our DJ residents and guests who will take turns to the turntables to make your evenings a festive moment all in sound and light.



Between shade and light, the terrace of Mauresque is a case of choice that will welcome you at any time of the day and until late in the evening. Elevated to offer you a breathtaking view of the tourist area, the Corniche and the emblematic mountain of Agadir Oufella, the terrace of Mauresque is an essential stopover to enjoy a moment of relaxation around a drink or a meal bistronomic flavour, under the iodized and invigorating fragrance of the sea air.

To protect you from the ardor of the Sun, huge parasols unfold their wings according to your desires and create for you spaces of intimacy where it will be good to linger.


~ Contactez-nous ~

The reservation: +212662622832